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Dreamstar Prestige Firm

Each Prestige Firm Mattress features 3-zone double tempered pocket coils in a euro top with foam encasement. Finally, a mattress smart enough to contour to your curves while relieving pressure points and providing you with the ultimate sleeping environment. Dream Star Bedding produces the finest quality mattresses, 100% Canadian owned and operated.
Twin Set $999.95
Double Set $1099.95
Queen Set $1199.95
King Set $1699.95

Coil Count:
Single:     544 | XL:      578
Double:   738 | XL:      782
Queen:    968
King:     1,122

Profile (+/- 0.5″):
15″ Mattress + 9″ Box = 24″ Set

Mattress Style:
Euro Top Foam (Firm)

Support System:
Coil Style:  3-Zone high profile pocket coil; 13.5 Gauge
Edge Support:  360 degree foam encasement for firm seating edge
Support Base:  Reduces motion transfer across sleep surface

Comfort System:
Insulation:  2 full lumbar support pads with 1″ insulator pads
Primary Upholstery:  0.75″ ultra comfort layer
PT Upholstery:  2″ ultra high density bio foam + 1.5″ ultra plush foam

Quilt Package:
Ticking & Quilt Pattern:  Tack and jump cotton fabric
Qulit Pattern:  1.5″ foam + super soft 40 Oz. hollow fill fiber to keep the mattress warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Border Package:
Quilt Specification:  0.375″ Quilted border; Mildew resistant hypoallergenic non-absorbent
Handles:  Matching flag stitched cloth handles
Ventilation:  Vents that allow air to circulate throughout mattress in order to keep it fresh and odour free

Model:  9″ High Profile Semi-Flex Foundation
Border Style:  0.375″ Quilted co-ordinated waterfall border
Corner Guards:  Dreamstar logo corner guards